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HIST 115 Grossmont Cuyamaca College Causes of First World War Discussion

Select any four of the ten questions and ensure that you answer all parts of the question.

  1. Explain the causes of the First World War? What were the reasons for the U.S. involvement in the conflict? What was Woodrow Wilson’s vision of lasting peace based upon the Fourteen Points?
  1. During the inter-war years of 1919-1939 what major challenges did the military face? Provide at least three examples of how the military used this period to prepare for the next conflict. Did the legacy of the Treaty of Versailles help set the stage for later wars and conflicts?
  1. Discuss how Japan emerged as a military power and cite examples of open Japanese aggression? What were some of the reasons why Japan decided to go to war against the United States? How did they expect to win the war in the Pacific?
  1. Discuss the primary cause of the Second World War? Discuss the significance of the Battle of Coral Sea, Midway, Operation Overlord and The Battle of the Bugle.
  1. Discuss the origins of the Cold War? What were the tenets of the Containment Policy? Cite at least three examples of its application after World War II?
  1. What was the primary cause of the Korean War? Discuss the significance of the Pusan Perimeter and the Inchon Landing? Evaluate the military strategies of General MacArthur and President Truman and what caused the removal of General MacArthur?
  1. What was the Domino Theory? Trace the development of the United States involvement in Vietnam by describing the foreign policy of each of the following Presidents: Truman, Eisenhower; Kennedy; Johnson; and Nixon.
  1. Discuss U.S. interventions in the Middle East and North Africa. Cite at least three examples were the United States intervened militarily in that region.
  1. Discuss the causes and consequences of the Gulf War 1991. Compare and contrast the First Gulf War to the Second Gulf War in 2003. What do you see is the political, economic, and social future for Afghanistan
  1. Define warfare. Explain some of the conditions that lead nations to war?

Why do wars eventually become unpopular? Is conventional war with other great powers highly unlikely in the future?


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