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HIST 2020 DSCC The Battle of the Little Bighorn Essay

Assignment: The west was a place of major change and focus in the late 19th century. Farmers, miners, and cattlemen flew west to find gold and their share of the American experience. What they found, however, were nations and people already in existence; nations and people who were not willing to give up what they had held so dearly, so religiously, for thousands of years. And that created major conflict. Choose one of the following events in the West to write your 5-paragraph essay on. Think about: 

Who, what, when, where, and why

The key figures on both sides of the event

How did Americans view the event versus American Indians? 

How do you see American colonialism, or american exceptionalism, playing out in the event? 

  • What are you personal thoughts, reactions, or feelings about the event? 
  • This assignment will increase students’ understanding of American history, sharpen their research and critical thinking skills, and strengthen their ability to communicate their interpretations in a clearly written essay.
  • Directions: Briefly research the following events using the course textbook and the electronic databases available online from the DSCC LRC to learn who they were and about what they did and why they are famous. SELECT ONE event that you’re interested in the most and write your paper about it. You can access the DSCC LRC databases through this link:  DSCC LRC Website (opens in a new window)
  • Red Cloud’s War, 1866
  • Battle of Little Big Horn, 1876

Dawes Allotment Act, 1887

Geronimo at Skeleton Canyon, 1886

Wounded Knee, 1890

Select one of these events that you think is interesting or one that you have never heard of.  Wrestle with the facts a little- whether you understand it, don’t get it, or are enraged by it, think of how these events effected both Americans and indigenous groups. More than just stating the facts of the events, make an effort to show why or how this event is important to the study of American history. 


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