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HIST 3308 Idaho State University Racial Fluidity vs Racial Prejudice in 19th Century America Paper

For this class discussion forum, read all of the book Passing Strange and chapters 13-15 of The American Yawp. Historian Martha Sandweiss writes that the marriage of Clarence King and Ada Copeland as James and Ada Todd, “illuminates larger stories about race and class and identity in late-nineteenth-century America, stories that lie at the very core of national thinking about the new social order emerging in the wake of emancipation” (Sandweiss, 8). Considering this purpose of her book, address the following question using specific ideas and examples from both of the assigned books for this unit.

What does the story of Clarence King and Ada Copeland as told in Passing Strange reveal about both the fluidity of racial identities and the rigidities of racial prejudice in late nineteenth-century America?

See course rubric in the syllabus for the standards expected for this assignment. Your original posts should be around 1-2 pages of writing. You might want to draft your submission in a separate document, then paste in the text when you’re ready. Cite all use of specific quotations using either parenthetical citations or footnotes.

Submit your first post by replying to the post below. When you post to the forum, make sure your full response to the assigned questions is written or pasted into the entry window. Attached documents diminish discussion.

The second half of this assignment is to return to the discussion and respond to at least one of the answers posted by others in your group. To read these, click on the links in the Discussion column. There may be a slight delay after your initial post is submitted as a reply below before you can view the posts from classmates. Then choose the Reply link at the bottom of any one or more postings from classmates to add your response. Replies must be posted by the assignment due date.


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