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HIST 4C UCB War Is Not a Solution Economic Liabilities Essay

Directions: The will consist of one essay of 700-750 words (you can go up to 900 but no longer, please) A good answer will have a clear introduction with an argument and will include specific evidence/examples from lectures, the textbook, the primary documents and the course films (where applicable). A strong grade must include material from both lectures and readings, and you should include parenthetical notes. See the attached rubric and guide.

Please note due to the timing of the, I have had to make it due before weeks 9 and 10 (to give you time to work on your final papers). However, I am sure many of you are interested in these topics and I welcome you to work ahead if you want to –it is not necessary, however. If you want to answer the questions, or parts of questions, which cover WWII and/or the postwar world, I have indicated which topics require that material from weeks 9 and 10.

You should not write on Small Island for this assignment since you will be doing so on your final papers/ Read the questions carefully, since there is a lot of choice within each question.


1. What economic, political and cultural forces gave rise to the New Imperialism of the late 19th century? What forces contributed to the decline of European empires in the 20th century? [lecture 18 and textbook chapter 27 are necessary for the decline part of this question]

2. The twentieth century has been called the “century of Total War.” How can each world war be considered a total war? In your answer you should consider the nature of weaponry and battles, the role of propaganda, and the effect of war on various aspects of the home front, including the role of women. {for WWI be sure to cover material from week 9, lectures and reading}

3. Imagine you are the two people in the postcard from the beginning of my lecture on WWI (Horace and Miss Noble) and Horace survived and you got married. Now it is in 1939 and you are writing a letter to your 20 year old son to discourage him from signing up to fight Nazi Germany. You don’t like Hitler and the Nazi’s but you don’t think war is a solution. In the answer, please be specific and you can quote from war poetry or other documents and make an argument about the impact of war, but this can and should be written in the first person.

4. To what degree have racism and anti-Semitism contributed to three of following movements/events in Modern European History?

The “New Imperialism” of the late nineteenth century?

The Dreyfus Affair


The Holocaust [lecture 16/17]

Anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe [textbook chapter 29]

Brexit and Far Right movements in Europe today (lecture 19/chp. 29]

5. In what ways can art, music, architecture, film, poetry, advertising and fashion become tools of state power and a means to challenge political systems and power structures.? Discuss with relationship to three of the following

The late 19th century women’s suffrage movement

Late 19th century culture (art, architecture, music, etc…)

World War I

The Russian Revolution

Fascism and Nazism

World War II (Lecture 16/17)

The Cold War (Lecture 18, chapter 27)

Anti-Colonial Movements (Lecture 19, chapter 28)

Youth culture and Politics from the 1960s-1989 (Lecture 19, chapter 28)

Brexit (Lecture 20 chapter 29)


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