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Historic Photographic Dorothea Lange Essay

Using a camera phone, point & shoot camera or DSLR,  create 10 images with the same stylistic qualities and subject matter as of one of the photographers listed below or any of the photographers covered in the class materials, and write a 500 words minimum essay defining the stylistic qualities of the photographer you selected and how your images emulate those stylistic qualities. Write also how these ‘similar’ images that you take today will be seen and experienced differently compared to the photographers listed below. You may create more than 10 images in your attempts to recreate the stylistic qualities of the photographer you choose, however, your portfolio should be limited to 10 final images.  Please see the guidelines below. 

Historic Photographers (You may choose any other photographers that we have covered this semester). If you are unsure, check with me.

Diane Arbus

Lewis Hine

Gordon Parks

Man Ray

Henry Cartier-Bresson

Seydou Keita

Man Ray

August Sander

Julia Margaret Cameron

David Hockney

Henry Peach Robinson

Paul Strand

Andre Disderi

Dorothea Lange

Carrie Mae Weems

William Henry Fox Talbot

Walker Evans

Étienne-Jules Marey

Cindy Sherman

Carleton Watkins

Robert Frank

Duane Michals

Camille Silvy

Edward Weston

Frances Frith

Eadweard Muybridge

W. Eugene Smith


Alexander Gardner


Edward Steichen

Minor White

Graciela Iturbide

Vivian Maier

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Gary Winogrand

Martha Rosler

Technical Requirements:

Once you have created your 10 historic photographic images you must sequence your images and attach them as a PDF or Powerpoint

  • Include in your portfolio a typed statement of 500 words minimum defining the stylistic qualities of the photographer you selected.
    • Specifically, address how your 10 images emulate those stylistic qualities.


Your images must show your understanding of the artist’s stylistic qualities and your grade is based on how closely you emulate the artist’s stylistic qualities.

Look carefully at the following:

  • Source and direction of light
  • Black and White or color images
  • Subjects and environment
  • Framing


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