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Historical Details of the Saint Teresa of Calcutta Discussion Paper

I need a biography of the saint: Theresa of Calcutta otherise known as Mother Theresa

Length of the report: I am shooting for 3 pages (of just writing not including the pictures) though if you need to go more than that do it! The report should include everything listed below, once everything listed is checked off then you can stop writing. It should be long enough to answer and include everything.

Here is the information needed for the writing piece:

Each report must include:

  • a biography of the saint, including key
    historical details of the saint’s life;
  • a summary of the saint’s chief ideas/beliefs;
  • an outline of the saint’s most significant contributions to the Christian tradition;
  • assessment of why the individual should (or should not!) be considered a saint; and
  • key takeaways from the life and example of the saint. 

Also include additional items of interest related to the saint, such as pictures, drawings, key writings of the saints, etc. like you would find on a wiki page. Be creative! In gathering information about the saint, you may draw upon online resources, but you must also draw upon at least two scholarly texts, such as a biography or encyclopedia. All sources should be listed in a bibliography and cited throughout the text. These reports will be graded for quality of information, quality of writing, and quality of engagement with the saint’s contribution to the Christian tradition and your ability to articulate why this person should be considered a saint.

NOTE: You may use online sources, but NOT Wikipedia. And, be careful to cite any sources (ESPECIALLY ONLINE) that you use. Be sure to follow the prompt and directions for the report. Make sure that the overall report exemplifies the understanding of the saint’s contribution to Christian tradition and why they should be considered as a saint.

As for the articles you must use:…


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