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History Imperialism Discussion

Answer the following study questions in a 300-word minimum essay, 100 words minimum for each of the 3 questions posed, naming, quoting, and citing the assigned sources, i.e., your textbook, the documentary film, a Recorded Lecture OR a Powerpoint Lecture at least once each for all three required sources. Do not answer in bullet points or in a numbered list, but write at least 3 full paragraphs, one paragraph in response to each of the questions posed of a minimum length of 100-words each. At the end of your essay  YOU MUST post a study question of your own for your fellow students to consider and answer in their response posts. Your 300-word minimum primary post in response to all questions of my prompt in essay form is DUE before end of day, SATURDAY 9/25. Your two response posts, each 100-word minimum essays of substantial content answering the Study Questions posed by two different fellow students, are DUE before 11:59 pm SUNDAY 9/26.  EVENTHOUGH THE DISC. BOARD IS OPEN UNTIL END OF DAY SUNDAY 9/26, YOUR PRIMARY POST ESSAY MUST BE IN BEFORE END OF DAY ON SATURDAY 9/25 FOR IT TO EARN CREDIT. 


1. What were the various reasons portrayed in the film as to why Americans favored America’s  entrance into the Imperial Age? Who opposed America’s foray into Imperialism and why?

2. What role did world events, i.e., actions and/or inactions of the Empires of Europe, have on America’s entrance into war with Spain? How was America’s involvement in Cuba both similar and different than our involvement in the Philippines?

3. What have you learned about the Spanish American War and the Philippine “Insurgency” that you did not know before? What effect does it have on you today?

*** I recommend you write your essay FIRST on a word processing program and either copy and paste it into the submission window OR upload your saved file instead. Either options is okay with me. Your 300-word minimum essay based on my prompt for this assignment and your 100-word minimum response posts to two fellow students are all due SATURDAY 10/3 before 11:59 PM***IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU ALL POST YOUR FIRST ESSAYS EARLY ENOUGH FOR OTHERS TO HAVE STUDY QUESTIONS TO RESPOND TO BEFORE YOU ALL RUN OUT OF TIME AND THE ASSIGNMENT CLOSES BEFORE YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL RESPONSES.***



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