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HMSV 8110 Capella Ruby Lake Homelessness Taskforce Research Study Paper

This is the fourth assignment in your Action Research Project. Begin by reviewing the project description and the Unit 9 instructions for the final project assignment, focusing on the Discussion of Implications section, in which you will present a revised version of your work in this assignment. Also, be sure to examine the Study Evaluation Scoring Guide before you begin, in order to familiarize yourself with the requirements of this assignment. In addition, review the Riverbend City: Action Research Topic Implications and Plan Evaluation multimedia presentation from Unit 6 to prepare for completing this assignment. 

Remember that in each course project assignment, you will update and include the content of your previous assignments, then add new content as assigned. So far, you have already created the Introduction, Background for the Study, Description of the Research Context for the Study, and Results of Data Collection and Analysis sections for your final project assignment. During this unit, you will also create the Action Plan section of the report, in the Project Action Plan discussion. In this assignment, you will add the Discussion of Implications section. When you complete this assignment, you will have only the Conclusions section of the report to write in the next and final project assignment, in Unit 9.

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, copy the content from your Unit 2, Unit 3, and Unit 5 assignments into a new document. Make any updates to this content that may be called for, based on instructor feedback or other project developments. Then, create a new section, titled Discussion of Implications. Address each of the points that follow in this assignment, basing your statements on research from the field.

Discussion of Implications

Evaluate the implications of your findings and the potential significance for your organization and for society from your chosen research study.

  • Evaluate possible implications of your findings for the organization.
  • Analyze possible improvements to service at your chosen human services organization.
  • Analyze possible improvements to service for your chosen human services issue in society.
  • Analyze who might care about this study, and why.
  • Critique the potential limitations of the research, such as questions that may be left unanswered.
  • Explain whether the research addresses what the organization wanted to know or whether you may have uncovered a new issue.

Distinguish who benefits from this research on your human services issue.

  • Analyze what was learned from your chosen study.
  • Explain what is important to you and to others concerning this research.
    • Describe whose interests are served by this research.
    • Define who benefits from this research.

Propose future research steps regarding your human services issue, using systems thinking.

  • Explain what new questions emerged in your analysis of your chosen study.
  • Explain how you will continue this inquiry.
  • Consider how the groups and/or individuals that you have identified as beneficiaries of this research might be called upon to contribute to furthering the research.
  • Briefly outline the action plan you developed in this unit’s discussion.
  • Formulate a timeline plan that includes when to reassess this issue.


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