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HMSV 8110 Capella University Teen Homelessness in Ruby Lake Riverbend City PPT

Stakeholder Presentation

When completing an action research project, it is common to provide your organizational stakeholders with a brief audiovisual presentation that highlights your more extensive report. So, in Unit 9, you will submit a 5–8 minute Action Research Project Presentation as part of your final project assignment.

For this discussion, create an initial version of your Action Research Project Presentation to exchange with your peers for review and feedback. Examine the requirements for the presentation from the Unit 9 assignment, as they will direct your efforts for creating your initial version of this presentation. Use PowerPoint (or similar software) for the presentation slides and Kaltura (or similar software) to record your voice as you present the slides.

Refer to the Presentation Preparation Guidelines in the Unit 9 Assignment Preparation study for guidance on how to develop your presentation. Consult the activity Resources for helpful links with information regarding creating effective PowerPoint presentations and using Kaltura. Also, review the Riverbend City: Action Research Reflection and Stakeholder Presentation multimedia presentation for guidance on what your presentation should entail.

Posting Instructions

  • Write a transcript of your presentation to ensure accessibility for everyone.
    • Closed captioning is automatically generated within one day after you upload a recording in Kaltura, but the captions alone are not sufficient for this presentation.
    • Include the transcript of your presentation as an attachment to this activity.
  • Post the link to your presentation in the body of your initial discussion post.
  • Include a note directing your peers to the presentation link. This can be as simple as, “Please view my presentation.”
  • Name your discussion using the course number, discussion number, and your name, as follows:
    • HMSV8110 u08d1 John Smith.

Post the link and note for your presentation in this discussion and attach your transcript.

Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in this activity, please contact Disability Services (linked in the Resources) to request accommodations.

Response Guidelines

View and comment on the presentations of at least two of your peers. Share helpful feedback with them regarding their presentations.

Use this opportunity to receive peer feedback to improve your own final project presentation. Incorporate the feedback, as appropriate, into the final version of your presentation for the Unit 9 assignment.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

  • Summarize highlights of a completed research study.
  • Describe how a chosen issue relates to the population served.
  • Describe how a chosen issue relates to human services.
  • Describe how to assess strategies for addressing a chosen human services issue.
  • Create an audiovisual presentation for internal and external stakeholders that demonstrates how action research was utilized to address a chosen issue.
  • Construct suggestions for future research based on a chosen study.
  • Communicate coherently to support central ideas, using current APA format and correct grammar, usage, and mechanics


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