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HNKLY 4902 University of Utah Law Enforcement Public Safety Policy Proposal Paper

Write a policy proposal similar to those required by the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation. Please follow these requirements, which have been adapted from the Truman Foundation’s website

Choosing Your Topic: Topic is Law Enforcement Reform & Public Safety **NOTE: The file I have uploaded ‘Policy Paper Proposal (1)’ is the outline of the proposal to policy reform I am trying to make. The report needs to be 20 pages, but follow the outline content I wrote up in the format listed below, APA style. I have also included several links to resources on the file that I wanted to use, please help!

Wrliting the Policy Proposal: Your policy paper should follow this general format:

  1. Address it to a governmental official who has authority to deal with this issue. Be sure to format it as a formal memo or policy proposal (see below). Verify that the person whom you are writing to has the jurisdiction to do what you propose. Be careful about addressing it to the President. Typically, a cabinet officer or a chair of a congressional committee will have more authority over a specific issue.
  2. Use statistical data to define the problem and defend your proposed solution. Choose your sources carefully. Choose persuasive data to explain your position. If you rely on data from the Internet, be certain that it is credible.
  3. Make your recommendations specific, clear, and understandable. You wouldn’t want the intended recipient to say, “So what exactly am I supposed to do?”
  4. Handle obstacles fairly. Don’t just say not enough money or votes but capture briefly and fairly the legitimacy of the opposition. Explain why the opposition exists and how your proposal intends to overcome their obstacles.
  5. References. All sources drawn upon for the paper should be properly cited and referenced.

Policy proposals should follow this general format (being adapted to meet page requirement):



Office Held:


Problem Statement

Proposed Solution

Major Obstacles/Implementation Challenges

References…h, , ttps://… ,… ,…, ,…


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