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Home Away from Home Restaurant Purpose Plan

It’s time to write up a plan for your class project. You will be uploading a Word or PDF file. For most students, this will be around three pages or more with the cover page (10 points).

It is best to plan for an informational website about a business, an organization, or an interest of yours. We don’t cover e-commerce here, so don’t plan for products and a shopping cart. You can showcase products, but you won’t be able to sell them on your website without full e-commerce functionality.

You can determine the format, but for full credit you should have the following:

  • A cover page with your name, class, and the date (10 points).
  • The following headings with narrative and/or pictures:

Purpose: Provide the purpose of your website in a few sentences (10 points).

Website Name: You don’t have to pick a URL, but what is the title of your website? Why did you choose that name? Write a few sentences (10 points).

Similar or Competitor Websites: Find at least one and analyze what they did well and what they didn’t. How can that apply to your website? Write at least a paragraph (10 points).

Demographics: Who would be interested spending some time on your website? College students? Retired people? People wanting to learn about your interest or ideas? Write at least a paragraph (10 points).

Pages: Plan on at least a home page, a feedback/contact page, and three additional pages that will be accessed from a navigation bar. Provide a title and summary sentence of what content will go on each page (10 points). If you wish to include more pages or have second-level pages, you may do that, but keep in mind that time is limited. Include a thumbnail diagram as your book shows (15 points). It may be hand-drawn or electronic.

Wireframe Layouts: Review the sections in your book on page design and wireframes. Include your final wireframe. It may be hand-drawn or electronic. Include a few sentences explaining what you did (15 points).

Reflecting on what you have learned about usability and accessibility, you will be finding one good website and one bad website.

For each website provide at least four observations on usability and accessibility. As an example, you might observe that your good website has colors that are accessible and easy on the eyes. Then with your bad website, you might note that there is poor contrast between the text and background.


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