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How to Market Yourself on The Job Market Analysis

In this assignment, you are asked to apply our marketing 4Ps knowledge to your job market by answering the following question:

When you are looking for a job, you are one of the “products” on the job market. What does marketing strategy mean to you on the job market? How will you design a proper marketing strategy in order to successfully “sell” yourself on the job marketing?

  • Target Market
  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Price
  • Positioning

(Remember: You are not allowed to choose “Self-Employed”/Be Owner of a Business” as the job. You have to choose to work for other companies/organizations.) 

Please use the following 8 questions to structure your answers for the assignment. Make sure that your answer to each question is direct, clear and concise: (use one separate paragraph for each question):

1) Which market (job) do you want to target (target market), and who are your consumers (the companies you want to get a job from) (target consumers)

2) Describe yourself in every detail as the kind of product that your consumers dream to have (product strategy)  

Remember that you are the “product” on the job market. The product is yourself and not “your job”. For example, if you want to be a teacher in the future, you have to talk about yourself (what type of teacher you will be, and why the schools should buy/choose/hire you not others from the job market as a “product”).

3) How do you want to promote yourself to your consumers (promotion strategy) 

4) Where do you want to make yourself available to your consumers (place strategy)

5) How much do you want to charge your consumers when they hire you? (price strategy) 

6) How will you tell your consumers the difference between you and other competitors on the job market (positioning)?

7) Please identify potential ethical issues that may occur on the job market, analyze the situation and explain how you may face and handle these ethical issues in the job-hunting process

8) Please discuss how different cultures may play a role in your job-hunting process? Please explain how you may deal with the potential multicultural issues 


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