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HRM 481 Colorado State University Portfolio Project Capstone

As noted, thus far (within the Portfolio Project Milestones), this Portfolio Project allows you to be creative, while also presenting real-world situations that can occur within businesses/HR Departments. For the purpose of this project, ensure that you are thinking about your future dreams and goals, while also considering HR and business theories that you have learned throughout your program.

Congratulations, five years have passed since your business opened. Your business continues to grow, and recently, due to quality marketing efforts, teamwork, and a strategic vision, your organization has expanded and acquired a large competitor. While the size of your workforce has changed since you initially hired your first three employees, you do not have strong HR policies in place. Furthermore, your business has acquired an organization that has a culture opposite to yours (revisit the information you provided during your Portfolio Project Milestone 1 and think complete opposite to what you have presented), which will create some challenges.

Your workforce, which was initially comprised of yourself and three workers, has evolved to a workplace of 15 employees. The company that your business has recently acquired employs 49 workers (18 of whom are close to retirement). You know the following:

  1. You need to hire HR personnel.
  2. You need to revisit your organization’s strategic vision.
  3. You need to communicate your organization’s culture to the new employees and onboard/orient these employees into the organizational culture.
  4. You need to foster a sense of teamwork among employees.
  5. You need to plan for the integrated workforce’s training and development needs.
  6. You need to determine succession plan processes.

The six points provided above are important to consider. Since an acquisition is often difficult, there is much that you need to expand upon, thereby ensuring individual, team, and organizational success.

  • (Section TITLE: training goals)
  • Develop training goals for your workforce. Explain what necessary workforce training your employees will need, as well as how training differs based upon one’s organizational position.
  • Think about how training will be different for hourly employees, salaried employees, and members of leadership. What training will be required of all employees? What training will be required of certain employees?
  • Give examples to prove points
  • (Section TITLE: Strategies for encouraging teamwork and collaboration)
  • In order to create a strong organizational culture, which is focused on teamwork, determine how employees will successfully interact as members of a team. Develop strategies for encouraging teamwork and collaboration among departmental members. For example, how could you encourage team cohesiveness among all sales personnel? Additionally, explain the importance of teamwork in your organization
  • Give examples to prove points
  • (Section TITLE: Future workforce needs)
  • Identify future workforce needs. As previously mentioned, it is likely that 18 of your employees will be retiring within the next one to five years. Explain how you will develop employees, as well as recruit external applicants. Create a succession plan and an overall external recruitment plan
  • Give examples to prove points
  • (Section TITLE: Challenges)
  • Project what challenges your organization, as well as your HR Department, will likely encounter within the next three to five years. Base these challenges on future industry projections and HR forecasts
  • Give examples to prove points
  • minimum eight scholarly sources formatted correctly.


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