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HRM Managing Employee Life Cycle Discussion

Answer the discussion questions and reply for 2 answers

Week 2 Discussion Board Prompt

Part A. Please read Chapter 5 in Aguinis and review this week’s power point lecture and notes on Chapter 5 prior to participating in this discussion.

The focus this week has been on defining performance and measuring results and behaviors of performance. The Aguinis text discusses three steps to measuring a results approach to performance.

  1. Step 1: Establish role Accountability: Identifying what employees are accountable for in their role based on the job analysis and job description. The text refers to this as identifying key “accountabilities.” See page 107-109, 5.1.1 for an example of establishing accountabilities.
  2. Step 2: Set role Objectives: Objectives should be set, based on employee accountabilities. See page 109, 5.1.2 for an example of setting objectives and table 5.1 on page 110 in the Aguinis text for the Ten Characteristics of good objectives.
  3. Step 3: Determine role performance standards. Performance standards help employees understand the extend that they have achieved the objectives set forth in step 2. See page 111, 5.1.3 Determining Performance Standards in your Aguinis text.

In this week’s discussion you will have the opportunity to create accountabilities, objectives and performance standards for the role of Graduate Associate, Sourcing & Procurement for corporation Disney Consumer Products/Studios.

ACTION: Read Case Study 5.1 on page 126 in your text. Post your three steps for a results approach to performance for this Sourcing & Procurement role in this week’s discussion by Friday end of day and then respond to at least two of your peer’s posts by Saturday end of day. (Be succinct in your writing.)

Part B. Read Chapters 1 & 2 in Chandler and write no more than 150 words on your reaction to the author’s perspective on Performance Management and the call to Rethink – Redesign – Reboot current HR performance management practices.


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