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HRMN 300 University of Maryland Human Resource Discussion

Question 1:

A) Discuss the evolution of the HR role from administrative to strategic.

  • What internal and external factors were involved in this transition? 
  • Rank and discuss the top three skills needed by HR professionals to be effective as strategic business partners. Provide your rationale with supporting evidence.

B) Reflect on the HR function in your current organization or an organization you have worked for in the past.

  • Evaluate the HR role in the organization and discuss the alignment between HR priorities and the organizational strategy (do not name the organization).
  • Did you see evidence of a strategic focus?Support your position with specific examples. 

Question 2:

A) Select three functional areas of HR (i.e. recruiting, selection, training and development, compensation etc.) and, for each one, discuss how that function supports the HR and organizational strategies.Provide specific examples of goals and outcomes that support organizational success. 

B) Consider the organization you work for or one you have worked for in the past.Evaluate the effectiveness of the HR function overall and at least two specific functional areas (do not name the organization).Share at least one HR program or initiative that you found particularly effective and discuss how it supported the organization’s strategy.Why was it effective? 

Question 3:

A) Assume you are the HR manager of a large organization tasked with evaluating employee retention.

  • What type of metrics would you want to look at? Discuss your rationale.
  • How would you obtain these metrics? 

B) Discuss the relationship between an organization’s total rewards strategy and retention.As a human resource manager, how would you evaluate your total rewards program to make sure it was having a positive impact on employee retention?

Question 4: 

Consider the difference between the concepts of diversity and multiculturalism.How would you determine the difference between an organization focused on compliance versus one that promoted multiculturalism? What evidence would you be looking for and why? Discuss at least four ideas. 


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