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HRMN 495 6381 UMES The Contemporary Issues and Data Collection Questions

Since audio/visual is required, please document everything that needs to be said on the notes (bottom section of PPT for each slide) and I will go in and record it after. I have included the first and second assignments that will be used as data for this. Thanks for your help!

Since this will be a virtual presentation, add audio or video.

As you will recall, in our assignments for this course, we are focusing on assessing the current organizational structure for an organization you selected. In the first assignment, you acted as a consultant and gathered data about the organization and shared that information in your first paper. In the second assignment, you planned your assessment and recommendations for changing the organizational structure for the same organization and your rationale.

Now you will prepare a presentation for sharing your recommendations. Here is a suggested structure:

  1. Introduction (introduce yourself to the executive team as well as any colleagues with you)
  2. Purpose of the presentation
  3. Agenda (share the agenda that you will include in the presentation
  4. Scope of your assignment as a consultant
  5. Steps you have taken for gathering data, assessing the information and making your recommendations
  6. Share key points of information from your study (you may take these from your first two assignments)
  7. Present what you learned in your data collection about the organization
  8. Share what you feel the most effective organizational structure is for the organization including at least one graphic for clarity
  9. Describe your rationale emphasizing how the structure aligns with achieving the goals and strategies of the organization and addresses the environmental issues identified in assignment one
  10. Explain any risks you anticipate in implementing the new structure and in not accepting the recommendations
  11. Summarize your presentation
  12. Provide a call to action (what you want the executive team to do as a next step)
  13. Display at least five references used in the content of the script of the presentation (at least three from our course material )


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