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HROB 3010 UG Companies Discussion


A critical part of this course is your participation in the online discussions. An example or issue will be posted at the beginning of each discussion. Your grade will be a function of the quality and quantity of your participation. You are encouraged to build on the discussion that has already taken place within your weekly discussion groups. In other words, grades are not simply given for answering the discussion questions, but also for critically responding to the previous postings and generating new knowledge and ideas.

Discussions can be completed in a couple of different ways. Your posts can be written, video, audio only, or a combination of these modes throughout (e.g., you can do one post written, another post audio, etc.). Regardless of what method you use, it is important that you maintain professional standards and provide evidence. It is possible to verbally cite sources or include them in the text portion of your discussion post, so please do not forget to do this. While forming opinions and judgments is important, they must be backed by evidence.

To start go to this padlet and brainstorm some actions that organizations might engage in that cause employee turnover. This is a brainstorm- not a discussion post, so this should take you 5 minutes maximum, write 1-2 sentences/bullet points, and then ‘like’ posts with examples that you think are potentially the most common mistakes made. Contribute to the board by clicking here.

After reviewing the board and your classmates’ ideas, please return to this discussion board to make your post.

This week please discuss the following questions:

  • Your company has a serious turnover problem among employees with fewer than five years’ seniority. The CEO wants to use employee benefits to lessen this problem. What might you do, specifically in the areas of pension vesting, vacation and holiday allocation, and life insurance coverage, in an effort to reduce turnover?
  • What kinds of things are you considering in making this decision?
  • What are some of the potential costs and benefits of this recommendation?


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