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HROB 3010 University of Guelph Wedding Coordinator Job Position Discussion


A critical part of this course is your participation in the online discussions. An example or issue will be posted at the beginning of each discussion. Your grade will be a function of the quality and quantity of your participation. You are encouraged to build on the discussion that has already taken place within your weekly discussion groups. In other words, grades are not simply given for answering the discussion questions, but also for critically responding to the previous postings and generating new knowledge and ideas.

Discussions can be completed in a couple of different ways. Your posts can be written, video, audio only, or a combination of these modes throughout (e.g., you can do one post written, another post audio, etc.). Regardless of what method you use, it is important that you maintain professional standards and provide evidence. It is possible to verbally cite sources or include them in the text portion of your discussion post, so please do not forget to do this. While forming opinions and judgments is important, they must be backed by evidence.

Hello all,

This week please discuss your thoughts regarding the following question:

Think of a specific job you hold or have held in the past (including a part-time job or volunteer work) or think about a job that you would like to have in future. Use the information that you’ve learned in Unit 2 (e.g., Ch4) and find a job description for your specific job. Then, critique the job description you found. Does it adequately capture all the important job aspects? Does it indicate which aspects are most important? Is there any way that it could improve the description? Please share your description with your group by attaching a file or including a link to the page.

As you read others’ posts think about if their critiques make sense. How well does the job description connect to the information that would be developed through a job analysis of the position? Are they missing things that should be added, or should there be things removed to improve clarity and accuracy? How effective would this job description be at attracting qualified talent to that role? Is a person likely to experience clear expectations of what the job would entail?


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