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HS 3442 University of Texas at Arlington Week 2 Competency Analysis Questions

Overview, Directions, and Helpful Hints

This assignment has four parts related to understanding the Roles, Responsibilities, Competencies, and Sub-Competencies of a Health Educator. 

Part 1) Read pages 6 and 7 of the 7th Edition of The Companion Guide for Professional Excellence (To make sure we are literally on the same page, Pages 6 and 7 are the Introduction and How to Use this Book pages). 

Part 2) Complete the Perceived Competence self-assessment on pages 8-17 of The Companion Guide for Professional Excellence.


  1. Answer honestly! Not doing so will only hurt you in this course and in your professional development.
  2. Pay close attention to the key at the bottom of each page and ONLY SCORE THE ENTRY-LEVEL Sub-Competencies. The Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 Sub-Competencies do not pertain to you at this point in your professional development. Choosing to disregard this key and scoring all the Sub-Competencies will result in an automatic 15 point deduction from your assignment grade.

Part 3) Count your responses at each level (1, 2, 3, and 4) for the Entry-Level Sub-Competencies.

Part 4) Write a two page single-spaced paper reflecting your perspective on your Perceived Competence inventory responses. Use the following questions to guide your reflection. Use each question as a heading to differentiate your responses and make sure you answer all the questions. For the first two questions, you may write one sentence responding to each question.

  1. How many Sub-Competencies did you score a 4 (Very Competent)?
  2. How many Sub-Competencies did you score a 1 (Not Competent)?
  3. In your opinion, which are your strongest three Sub-Competencies? Why?
  4. In your opinion, which are your weakest three Sub-Competencies? Why?
  5. As you review your responses, what are three Sub-Competencies in which you would most like to improve in the next year?
  6. What was the most/least informative thing you learned in this Assignment?


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