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HSA 4184 SPC Servant Leader Discussion

A)In chapter 9, we learn that a servant leader not only leads but listens to their followers. A servant leader is an important leader in the healthcare and/or human services organization because this type of leader is helping their followers achieve their full potential (Dye, 2016). In the Patch Adams clip, he mentioned that everyone at the ranch is a doctor because everyone is there to help each other. This makes them all servant leaders because a servant leader teaches and sets examples, but also gives them a better quality of life (Movieclips, 2011).

If I could change anything in healthcare today in order to ensure patients are provided and properly cared for would be the healthcare professionals who lack empathy. It makes such a difference when you not only have an intelligent provider but also a provider who truly cares for you and his patients. A provider that listens and pays attention to your concerns can make all the difference when it comes to your treatment and provide you with a better quality of life.

B) Servant leaders are role models and teachers who focus on goals and improvements (Dye, 2017). A servant leader is definitely the most important for a leader in a health care or human services organization. Some roles of a servant leaders include: sharing information, delegating authority, living the mission and pursing the vision, supporting and promoting continuing education, providing opportunities for accomplishments, establishing a succession plan, learning about work, mentoring others, holding simple celebrations, changing the focus of performance reviews, and making connections with staff. Servant leaders take their missions to heart and ensure that the organizational vision, values, culture, strategies, and activities are consistent within their mission (Dye, 2017).

If I could change something in healthcare today it would be for companies to care more about the quality of patient care, patient experience and safety, and to ensure their employees are being respected and are not overworked. At times, working at an outpatient imaging facility, it feels like it is more important to just keep as many patients coming no matter what, just to make more money. Focusing more on a patients experience and providing them the absolute best of patient care will ensure for the best experience and patient safety at all times. I also feel to do this it is important for your employees not to feel they are overworked/ disrespected as they are only there to help. It also helps for employees to know a leader has their back, and is thankful for their work.


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