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HSA 4502 STC Cost of Risk for Any Health Organization Essay


This week, you read a lot about why Risk Management programs are focused on the cost of risk, the organizational toleration for risk, and how that risk tolerance will be financed.

For this assignment, I want you to do a risk analysis for any healthcare organization. You are going to choose 3 areas of potential risk. For each area of risk, I want you to discuss the potential financial impact of that risk, what predictive metrics can be put in place to analyze the magnitude of that risk, and finally, provide a plan of how you plan to finance the risk and why. Below is an example (you must choose something different for your paper):

If I choose to discuss the financial risk associated with slip and fall injuries at my local hospital. The potential financial impact is that if someone falls on our property, and we provided an unsafe environment, we could be sued. The predictive measures that we could use might be national benchmarks for the number of times people fall in a facility, and what hours of day, and why. If I find that it was mostly during the day when people are cleaning the floors, I may develop a plan on when to clean the floors, and to do it at a time that is less busy. Finally, my financial solution is to purchase liability insurance, because the cost of the insurance is less than one potential slip and fall claim.

Use 2 external sources other than your text and the article provided to support your work.

Your submission should be 500-700 words.

Please submit an APA formatted Word document with the following information to this Dropbox by the designated deadline:

  • Title Page
  • Running header
  • Properly formatted reference section
  • Please see the sample paper to understand how your submission should be formatted
  • Save your document as hsa4502_MOD3_last name. Example: hsa4502_MOD3_smith.
  • View Assignment Rubric


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