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HSB Crime Rates & Policing Need for Information in Alameda Police Department Essay

Crime Rates and Policing

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage the student to examine crime rates and then engage local law enforcement to learn about its response to crime.The student shall first identify a city, county, or college police department in California.The student will access the agency’s 2019 crime statistics from the FBI’s UCR webpage.This can be done by visiting the webpage at the Browse by Links pane, select either County Agency, City Agency, or Universities and Colleges.Select the Table hyperlink and then California.In the table is a list of local law enforcement agencies, their populations, and their Part I crime statistics.This is aggregated into Part I Violent Crimes and Part I Property Crimes.

After examining the crime statistics, the student must contact a representative of the selected police agency and conduct either a phone interview, virtual interview, or in-person interview.The student shall describe the interview in an MLA-formatted report of no less than two pages and no more than three pages.This assignment is worth up to 25 points.Grading is based upon 1) addressing the listed topics, 2) depth of explanation, and 3) writing ability.

The following issues must be addressed:

Crime Statistics

  • Among the eight crime categories, what similarities or differences do you notice?
  • Give an opinion as to why you believe some crimes rates are high and others are low.
  • What interferences can be drawn between the jurisdiction’s population and frequency of overall Part I crime?

According to the agency representative:

  • which of the three styles of policing most reflects how the police agency provides law enforcement service?
  • what has the police agency determined to be the most significant crime problems?
  • what is the police agency doing to address the problems that it has identified?
  • is the agency’s response to crime reflective of the UCR statistics?If not, what explains the difference in perspective?
  • how can you become personally involved in the agency’s efforts to address public safety?


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