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HSCI 425 CSUN Financial Management Revenue Cycle Management Discussion

You must select one of the two subjects below to write about:  

Revenue Cycle Management RCM   Identify and read a current Article on any one of the topics below. Be careful not to use an RCM company’s blogs or advertisements.   Rely on Becker’s Revenue Cycle Management, HFMA Articles, Modern Medicine, etc.  You may also obtain permission for other related RCM specific topics, but topics and most of your key bullets must be focused on finance/reimbursement.

As patients become increasingly responsible for out-of-pocket costs providers need to ensure that they aren’t leaving uncollected revenue on the table – but also that they are not squeezing their patients so hard that they become dissatisfied with the care rendered and shift to another provider. Here are some suggested topics:

High Deductible Health Plans problems and solutions for providers

Reducing Billing and Collection Errors

Health information technology and Analytics for optimal reimbursement

Staff training issues in RCM, particularly Patient Access (front end)

Outsourcing Billing and Collections versus In-house

  • Cost Containment article.  You may also obtain permission for other related Cost Containment specific topics, but topics and most of your key bullets must be focused on finance/cutting organizational costs.
  • The assignment on Cost Containment needs to focus on one of the major cost categories for healthcare providers and the practical solutions being used to contain/cut these. Based upon past submissions, be clear that this assignment has nothing to do with Patient Costs or Savings or lowering the national healthcare costs. This is focused solely on reducing/containing a provider’s business operating costs/expenses.
  • You may write on any of the following:   MAJOR COST CATEGORIES:
  • Controlling Salaries & Benefits:
  • Reducing layers of managers

Benefits management issues (incl. health insurance)

Outsourcing vs in-house staffing

Controlling Overtime and sick time

Supply Chain Management and/or Materials Management

Group Purchasing

Inventory Management

  • Working with physicians to Lower Costs

Physician Contracts and Compensation

  • Energy, Utilities and Waste Management


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