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HSCO 511 LU Social Work & Group Leadership Issue Identified Essay

The purpose of this assignment is for you to observe effective group leadership practices and reflect on your own group experiences and group leadership skills. You will examine the process, dynamics, norms, and therapeutic aspects of two experiential groups along with the styles, skills, and techniques employed by the group leaders. You will then describe, analyze, and apply your observations in a short paper. By doing so, you will gain insight into group leader roles, behaviors, and responsibilities that are relevant for various human services contexts.
You will watch all the segments in the First and Second Program of the Groups in Action DVD and write a 3–4 page (1,000–1,300 word) paper, not counting the title or reference pages (no abstract is necessary). Although you may use first person in the paper, it must otherwise be in current APA format. The paper must be submitted as a Word document and be well written; well organized; and free of grammar, spelling, or other writing errors. Address the following topics, integrating examples of your observations and relevant ideas from Jacobs et al. in a meaningful way. Subheadings are not expected.
1. Choose one group member in the first or second program with whom you can identify. Briefly explain what experience or issue you were you able to relate to. Then describe 1–2 situations in which this member was processing his or her issue within the group. What thoughts, feelings, fears, etc. did the member articulate? What skills and techniques did the group leaders (Jerry and Marianne Corey) use to guide the working member and to deepen the focus? How were other group members involved in this process?
2. By encouraging group members to speak up, articulate their feelings, talk out loud, be aware of one another, look at each other, and actively participate, the Coreys established specific norms in the beginning stage of the group that laid the foundation for interpersonal learning and personal growth in the working stage. Describe several of the leadership practices, principles, and skills you noted and discuss your observations and reflections on how these promoted therapeutic benefits for the group members.
3. Examine new insights about yourself as an emerging group leader from the perspective of a biblical worldview.


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