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HU UN Security Council Resolution on Israel Palestine Ceasefire Discussion

2 discussion board posts 5-8 sentences details are in the 2 attachments each one for a discussion board post.

Napoleon Chagnon

It was ethically wrong for the United States Researchers to carry out their research on Yanomami people without informing them of the purpose of the study and to find out if it was against the cultural norms and traditions. Again the research purpose was not disclosed to the participants, but rather, the researchers introduced measles to interfere with the genetic of the Yanomami people. Thus, the research was conducted in an unethical way. Furthermore, the Yanomami people were harmed psychologically by revisiting the anthropology researchers; their health since the measles introduced affected their genes and spiritual life since the keeping of the blood of the deceased people was against their religious traditions, thus lowering their dignity. Such raises critical and ethical questions.

For instance, was it suitable for the researchers to sample the Yanomami blood without first informing them and establish its religious effect on them? Was it right for the researchers to have kept vising the Yanomami people and continue causing internal wars in them? Was, is it ok for the researchers to inject measles into the Yanomami people in the name of helping to boost their genetic makeups? The research affected the whole sphere of life of the Yanomami, whose effect will continue manifesting for generations to come.

reply 2:

Decolonial Atlas

Map title: U.N. Security Council Resolution on Israel-Palestine Ceasefire

The map shows decisions of various nations in support of or against the U.N. Security Council Resolution on Israel-Palestine Ceasefire. It depicts an interesting trend in the kind of decision with respect to geographical position. I have noted that European and Asian countries form the majority of nations in support of the resolution. The boundaries demarcating each nation do not influence the side of the decision made but rather a historical relation between nations. For instance, China and Russia have had a close working relationship in the military, economically, and politically depicting the case on the map. Unlike other maps, it defies the confines of regional maps based on the historical evolution of mankind. COVID-19 spread trend seems to go in line with this ideology i.e. it is not defined by geographical boundaries.


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