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Hudson County College Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman Book Review

Step 1: Review

First, please carefully review your Essay 3 Prompt-Social Justice Issue.

Step 2: Rough Draft

By Thursday at 11:59 pm, submit your rough draft of Essay 2. Note that you will not be assigned a peer review partner if you do not submit on time.

Step 3: Get a Partner

By Friday at 8:00 am, Canvas will automatically assign you a partner. To see who your partner is, come back to this assignment. On the top right, it will say Submitted, and below it will tell you who your partner is (for more info on that, watch the video at the end).

Step 4: Comment on Paper

Once you have a partner and access to his or her essay, you will go in and read it carefully, making comments in places where the writer can improve.

Step 5: Respond to Questions

Once you are done commenting, answer following questions in the submission box:

  1. Does the writer begin with a strong lead in? Is it an effective? What details could the writer add to it to better engage the reader?
  2. Does the writer have a clear thesis that makes an argument about a current election issue?
  3. Does the writer begin each body paragraph with a Point or topic sentence that is in his or her own words and makes a sub-claim that relates back to the thesis?
  4. Is each of the sub-claims supported with Information from the sources the writer found)? Is the support effective/convincing? Is it properly introduced with the author name and article/source name? Are there places where better support is needed?
  5. Does the writer include proper explanation in each paragraph? Does the explanation analyze the information and show the writer’s own opinions as they relate to the information?
  6. Does the writer include and rebut a count argument?
  7. Does the writer have a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis and leaves you thinking/gives you a sense of finality?
  8. What would you say are the talk’s greatest strengths? What did the writer do particularly well?
  9. What should the writer focus on most as he or she revised the the script? What can be most improved


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