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Hudson County Community Approach and Research Design of an Argument Discussion

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1-Now that you have gone through the trials of understanding the argument, reflect on the first one you discussed several weeks ago. What specifically would you do differently? Do you believe your argument can now be reasonable (acknowledging and incorporating views of the opposition with varied reliable evidence?) Or, is your point right “just because?” (( Go back to your first discussion post and your unit 1 essay to review the argument you shared. What might you change if you had the ability to “revise” your approach, support for, or final conclusion regarding the argument shared? what considerations might you now take into account regarding the opposition’s point of view or circumstances that may influence how you approach the situation? (((( and this is the first discussion,,, Arguing refers to claiming your idea by giving a set of reasons or facts to defend it. The last time I argued was with my friend. My friends and I were driving to a party. My friend was texting while driving. The problem is he was making sudden stops causing us to be constantly worried. I told him that he should not be using his phone while driving. In response, he claimed it is not a big deal to text while driving, and It was not as if he was drunk and driving. I told him that it is irresponsible to do something that puts other people’s lives at risk. I gave him factual support to my point of view. In support of my claim, I gave out the dangers of driving while texting. In my defense, driving while texting is a violation of traffic rules that could lead to fines. It impairs people’s reaction on the jam-packed roads. Additionally, driving while texting can cause road accidents. Accidents lead to the destruction of property, worst of all, loss of lives. After listening to my views, we came to a mutual solution. I asked him to answer his texts, and all he had to do was tell me what to text. My friends who were seated in the passenger seat were all happy. My friend and I were the winners since we were less worried because the driver could concentrate on the road.,,,,, and i will post the essay too

2- What do you now know about the argument and the role it plays in your college and chosen career?
Share your confidence in selecting topics of interest and managing research papers for any course? ((( Consider sharing specifics regarding your learning and application of skills in researching and writing. )))


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