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Hudson County Community College Privacy in A Company Setting Discussion Response

1-The scenario presented in the introduction of the student sample paper makes for an effective and relatable hook for the reader. In particular, the use of details such as “Ohio State Buckeyes” and the “birthday present” for his wife that he “shipped from Sears” help construct a scenario that feels authentic and believable. Furthermore, these specific relatable details help the reader to empathize with this employee; therefore, the anger felt when he is “subjected to a reprimand” resonates with the reader, and this emotional investment helps function as a bridge to the broader topic of the essay: privacy in a company setting.

While the rest of the paper discusses important court cases and research studies, without this engaging hook, the reader would be disconnected from the depersonalized research. Moreover, this introduction emphasizes the importance of the employee’s experience and the reader keeps the human being in mind when reading about CEOs discussing productivity percentages and costs. On a more general note, this is the effect an anecdote can have on the reader, and they can help bolster the author’s argument.

Like this scenario illustrated, an anecdote can engage with a reader’s sense of pathos, and work towards making the argument more persuasive. Although large scale experiments, facts and statistics may provide important objective analyses, an anecdote helps an essay contextualize the objective elements of the argument within a more humanistic and empathizable frame. Oftentimes, dry facts and figures ignore the integral aspects of the human experience that I believe are just as important for an essay to have as quantitative data.

Therefore, in my essay on police brutality, I have chosen to include anecdotes that detail the lived experiences of the Black victims of violent policing. A news report article or a larger quantitative analysis of the use of force reduces these human experiences to a mere data point. While I agree that data is important to build a convincing argument, my anecdotes give a voice to the Black experience with an unjust policing system. As a Black woman, I find it incredibly important to be narrating these stories as a part of my research paper.

2-It is attractive to present this argument in a nice scenario. The reader becomes an effective and dependable linking tool as a result of the situation described in the introduction of the student sample paper. Using specifics like “Ohio State Bucks” and a “birthday gift” from Sears for his wife helps develop a script that feels natural and believable. The essay discusses court cases and major research investigations. This introduction emphasizes the importance of employee experience and keeps the human reader in mind. In general, an anecdote can have this effect on the reader, and it can help with the author’s point of view.

There is indeed a very objective development of the elements. The article discusses all the questions that come to the reader’s mind while reading it. It may make the reader sympathize with the events well. That makes the argument believable.

Therefore, in my essay “Marijuana Legalization”, I followed the method of quantitative and qualitative research with analyzes and comparisons. There are neutral opinions between the opponents of marijuana legalization and its supporters. Therefore, research and scientific reports play a major role in making the reader notice many aspects of this controversy that attract him.


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