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HUS 3370 SPC Mental Illness Stigma in the Movies Reaction Paper

I’m working on a health & medical writing question and need a sample draft to help me study.

This is a REACTION PAPER. I have attcahed that a reaction paper is.


Watch a movie that is directly related to course material (mental illness, mental disorders, effects of mental illness on relationships and family, stigma, etc.). When you watch a film make notes regarding the disorder presented in the film. Pay particular attention to the symptoms and behaviors demonstrated. Do they seem in line with the information presented in the overview of mental disorders in Module 2? If you choose a movie that presents a disorder not covered in Module 2, do an Internet search to determine symptoms and behaviors commonly associated with the disorder. How valid/accurate do you think the film is in regard to the representation of the disorder?

What do you think that the movie industry is trying to say to the public about mental disorders? Do you think that the public’s perception/perspective of the disorder might be influenced by the way that it is portrayed in the film? Explain your answer.

Write a 700-750 word reaction paper reflecting on the content of the video, what you learned from this movie as it relates to mental health issues, and your responses to the questions above. Start your paper with a brief summary (one paragraph) of the movie and a sentence or two stating what you believe is the major point/intent of the movie. Post your review as an attachment to the Movie Review Dropbox.

NOTE: You must watch the movie to complete this paper. The paper is to include original thoughts, perceptions, reactions and ideas – it is not merely a summary of a movie! Do not copy material from the DVD box or a review of the movie.

Here are some suggested titles:

All She Ever Wanted Born on the 4th of July House of Sand and Fog Leaving Las Vegas Fight Club

Beautiful Mind
In the Company of Men Rain Man
Best Little Girl in the World
What About Bob Requiem for a Dream Harvey
The 4th Dimension

Fear Strikes Out Sybil

28 Days
The Madness of King George

The Snake Pit Matchstick Men The Aviator Woman Under the Influence Flyerman

Dirty Filthy Love As Good As it Gets Awakenings

Benny & Joon
Girl Interrupted
Lorenzo’s Oil
Mozart and the Whale One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Ordinary People Primal Fear

Suddenly Last Summer The Promise

The Three Faces of Eve


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