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IHP 610 SNHU Legislative Consultant in Health Policy Issue Question

Imagine that you are a legislative consultant hired to assess the influence of stakeholders and interest groups on a health policy issue. Your supervisor has asked that you present your assessment findings to the senior leadership of your organization to inform their decisions on how best to approach their intended organization-wide position statement regarding this issue.

As a first step, you will select one of three health policy issues from the Project Two Health Policy Issue Scenarios document. As part of the background study, you will conduct preliminary research about the selected issue and analyze the impact of the selected issue on various stakeholders. This background study and assessment of the selected issue will serve as a foundation for your Project Two final presentation. In this Project Two Preparation assignment, you will essentially analyze the selected health policy issue and describe how it influences the decision-making process in healthcare.

Your research in this Project Two Preparation will be specific to the nonfinancial impact of the selected policy on various stakeholders. In your second Project Two Preparation, which is due in Module Seven, you will explore the financial implications of the selected issues. Together, both of these Project Two Preparation assignments will prepare you for the Project Two submission due in Module Nine.


Create a research report summarizing your assessment findings on your chosen health policy issue. This research report will serve as a support document in the Project Two final submission.

You must cite at least three sources to support your claims. You may cite no more than one source from the module resources; all other resources must come from your own research. In other words, you may cite no more than one resource from the Resources section of this module. For additional help completing this assignment, refer to the Shapiro Library Guide: Nursing – Graduate item in the Start Here module. You may also use the Online Writing Center, located in the Academic Support module.

Use this resource to help you complete this assignment: IHP 610 Project Two Health Policy Issue Scenarios


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