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After reading Chapters 5 and 6 and watching the mini-lecture video, respond thoughtfully to the following prompt:

  • Imagine you are a Middle Ages Pilgrim. Describe your aims and experiences upon your journey to and arrival at a pilgrimage destination.

Details to consider:
Are you a crusader, a troubadour, a knight, an aristocrat, a religious figure, some other Middle Ages personality?
Why are you travelling?
What trials do you encounter? What sites do you see?

  • What sort of church/pilgrimage destination do you arrive at (this should be a real destination)? Describe the effect of the destination on you (the pilgrim), and describe how the arts (the architectural techniques, the imagery, the music, etc.) are enhancing that effect.

Other considerations for your initial response:

  • Your initial response should be 3-5 complete sentences (minimum) in paragraph format for each of the above bullet points.
  • Proofread your response before posting.
  • Use specific references to support your points.
  • Response should demonstrate a reflective and thoughtful understanding of Middle Ages values and expression.
  • No Works Cited necessary.
  • Initial response is due prior to 11:59 pm on Thursday