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IND 503 Excelsior College Addressing Opioid Crisis Discussion

During this course, you will contribute a series of articles to a magazine published biweekly. Your series will address the opioid epidemic from the perspective of your discipline and your role in the community. Assume one of the roles below based upon your program:

Business Programs: You will assume the role of a current or prospective business owner.

Public Administration: You will assume the role of the city manager.

Criminal Justice: You will assume the role of chief of police. This is my discipline

Health Sciences: You will assume the role of the outpatient director at a hospital in Montgomery county.

Now that you are familiar with research in your discipline, focus on the opioid crisis in general. Define a specific problem related to the crisis in your discipline and role. Begin to determine a solution for your specific problem. Your solution should be specific, direct, and attainable (for instance, do not choose a solution, such as reforming the entire criminal justice system or replacing the city board of trustees, that is too broad in scope).

Locate a valid and reliable article relevant to your proposed solution. The article should contain data that contribute to a solution to the epidemic from your field’s perspective. Note that you may not find research on the exact solution you have proposed, but the article may contain data relevant to your solution. Do not submit an article with data about the opioid crisis only. The article should support your proposed solution in a meaningful way.

Statistics has a language of its own. Here is a great resource to help you with statistical symbols and their meanings.

Statistics Symbols Sheet (Links to an external site.)


Answer the following questions about your article:>

  • Give the topic of the article and explain why it is pertinent to your specific role.
  • Discuss why the statistical procedures and/or data are appropriate.


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