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Indiana Institute of Technology Self Awareness Discussion

  1. Respond to 2 discussion board post. H. E

    Without providing any identifying information, describe someone that you have worked with who lacked self-awareness. This may be evidenced in how they interacted with others or described themselves to their peers and/or subordinates and/or supervisors. For example, perhaps they portray themselves as extremely busy and productive, yet they rarely bring any project to full closure.

There are five people who live within my household: me, mom, dad, brother, and sister. As we all know everyone has their select chores that are giving to each person to be done daily. Between my siblings and I, we had to deal with trash dishes and putting dishes away. It was almost like an assembly line trash, dishes, and then the dishes are to be put away. One of us lacked the ability to realize that their half-completed job affected the rest of the people and their chores. When a person doesn’t complete their end of the tasks then it throws everyone else off. When we confronted said person, they didn’t accept the criticism but took it as if we were attacking them. When that person lacked the self-awareness to the point it affected the household.

  1. How did this misalignment of self-perception, and the perceptions of others, detract from or become a liability for their ability to lead?

It showed that they didn’t care too much about how the job got done as long it was completed. Failing to realize that their inadequate performance affected the rest of the people involved. If the trash isn’t taken out the dishes don’t get done. Which leads to none of the chores being completed. The person being the oldest didn’t lead by example. Which allowed my brother and me to follow suit. By her not realizing her own actions and what effect they had on the rest of the household. Therefore, chores weren’t getting done and if they were it was not to the best of our abilities. Said person was always in charge of us when our parents left the house. Which meant we had to take directions from her. In this case, this person was the supervisor, and my parents were the managers.

  1. What were the consequences?

The consequences were that we had to first complete the task that wasn’t complete, to begin with. If the job was complete but not to the standards of our parents, then the job had to be redone. On top of that, since we didn’t follow directions, we were told that we had to complete the undone tasks and other tasks were added. Such as cleaning the bathrooms, folding clothes, or cleaning the garage.

  1. What type of feedback had this person received?

The oldest was always held more accountable for the job not being completed. Just like the manager would get punished before the supervisors and the supervisors would be punished before the employee. My parents would first speak to the oldest to let them know that they should enforce the rules. Then the younger siblings would be told to just complete the chores that they know had to be done.

  1. Building on the example that you provided in our previous discussion about this individual, how would an opportunity to receive honest feedback have possibly helped this person’s ability to lead others?

If said person was able to take the feedback that was given back to them it could’ve improved the overall person. Simply because self-awareness isn’t just within the workplace. It can be brought into friendships, relationships, and family bonds it could be considered a character flaw in some people’s eyes. if this person took feedback it could’ve shown them that doing your part first and to the best of your ability it could lead to the rest of the work being completed at a more sufficient rate. the overall quality of the work would have been improved. if you lead correctly the idea is to have the followers follow suit. If the leader isn’t doing their job why would the other people(employees/Followers) follow them? You lead by example and it’ll show later within the quality of work.


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