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Indiana University Bloomington The Olympic Games Writing Question

The bidding process of host city is a complicated mixture of various elements crucial to hosting a mega sporting event. As both materials listed below point out, the steps to the preparation of the event among potential hosts (candidate cities) multidimensional, in which various calculations must be strategically made.  Hosting a mega sporting event is costly and, when poorly assessed, the ramifications of hosting the event may pose financial difficulties to the host city as well as the local residents. For instance, despite the will of the city to be engaged in the bidding process for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games (which are awarded to Paris, France), the residents of Hamburg (Germany) voted against the decision, which roused Hamburg’s withdrawal from the process. 

We will have an in-depth discussion on the concept of sustainable event (event sustainability), which was mentioned directly and also indirectly in various places of the required materials. While watching and reading the materials below, try to identify the focal points that each host is trying to emphasize. 

  1. Briefly summarize the initiatives of both Paris and LA. Do you identify any differences in their approaches in the bidding process? What was peculiar elements that were emphasized that you found to be interesting? 
  2. How would you identify the quintessential elements of hosting the Olympic Games? List few aspects that you find to be crucial and support your selection with sound reasoning (e.g., financial stability, projected economic benefits, alignment with long-term local development, national branding, soft power, etc.).
  3. Look at the data (figures and tables) that are provided in the Legislative Analyst’s Office of LA. Were they sufficient to support LA’s cause to host the event? Are there any other statistics that you wish to insert in the report to embolden LA’s initiative? 
  4. When reading the report published by Legislative Analyst’s Office of LA, how did you identify the stakeholders? Are their varying interests thoroughly expressed and reflected? Stakeholders associated with mega sporting events typically include: NOC, host city, local residents, local businesses, global sport community, national and local government, and sponsors. 


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