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Instructions for Creating the Digital Infographic

The topic for your infographic must be selected from the list of topics provided for the Annotated Bibliography assignment. It is encouraged that you use the research from that assignment to help you start the Infographic, but if you’d like to switch to a different topic it’s up to you.

Include the following required sections in your infographic:

  • Infographic Title
  • Introduce the emerging technology
  • Benefits/opportunities and/or challenges/problems/implications
  • Discuss/Demonstrate one of Rogers’ theories of innovation diffusion as it relates to your chosen tech.
  • Sources

A note on sources: there should be at least 3 credible information sources in your infographic and also noted at the bottom of the Infographic. These sources should be cited in APA format. All statistical data and information is to be from reputable sources and relevant to your emerging technology innovations topic, target audience(s), and focus.

If you wish and still have room, you can also work in one or more of these additional sections to your infographic:

  • An additional discussion/demonstration of another of Rogers’ theories of innovation diffusion
  • How the emerging technology works
  • History/evolution of the emerging technology
  • Future direction for this technology

Note: Items are to be included as applicable to add value to the infographic. Don’t add elements if they confuse or distract your central points.


Step-by-Step Process of Creating the Infographic with Required Elements

Important! Refer to the following Resources to assist you in creating your infographic: