I’m stuck on a Computer Science question and need an explanation.


Just follow the questions and please add source too. please make them easy and no plagiarism please

1- Describe at least 3 properties of Intelligent Agent Systems. Explain the importance of these properties.

2- What is Green IT? Why would the topic of Green IT be important to those in computing fields?

3- Describe two major problems with screen scraping programs designed for the web or text based systems? Can these be overcome or mitigated in some way?

4- Why are programming environments like Android App inventor useful to the Android App Market?

5- What is Big Data? What are some benefits and challenges associated with Big Data? In addition, Describe one security related issue of Big Data.

6- How is Big Data and the Internet of Things connected?

7- Describe 3 Green Technologies or Green Methods that businesses can use in order to reduce waste, costs and energy consumption? Be specific How are they helpful?