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Innovative Refrigeration Systems Inc Cover Letter


For this project, you will be finding a job or Internship that you would realistically be applying to in the near future. You will save this job ad (as a PDF, screenshot, or any other way that you can upload to Canvas). 

Job Ad 

You need to include a job ad, or I will not grade your Job Packet. This assignment intends to help you think about rhetorical choices when creating job materials, so a job ad is needed. 


Next, you will create and tailor a resume to directly address that specific position. Your resume should directly tie to the position that you are “applying to”. The content, keywords, design should all reflect that position. These are mindful decisions about rhetorical choices you will need to make. The book discusses in detail how you should format your resume and some rhetorical choices you might make based on your field/position. Be sure to look at those samples and read this chapter carefully. 

Cover Letter

Next, you will create a cover letter. This letter should not be a repeat of the information from your resume. Instead, you should clearly illustrate what needs you can fill for the position; how you would be an asset to them, etc. Again, be sure to read the chapter carefully to find suggestions for good rhetorical choices to make. I typically find that application letters that use examples or tell stories that exemplify key needs the position has received higher grades. Be sure to remove “empty phrases” from your cover letter. An example of an empty phrase would be something like “I work well in groups” or “I communicate well with others”. Both are statements with no evidence to support them, so they are empty and don’t mean much to HR reps. 


You will also create a very short memo (1 page or less). Unlike the rest of your job packet material, this memo is not intended for HR — it is intended for me.  In this memo, please tell me about the rhetorical choices you’ve made during this process, so I can see how you were mindful of this process. For example, if you used a specific color to go with the position branding or you used “a”, “b”, and “c” keywords that relate to the job ad, I want to know that! 


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