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INR 2002 MDC Dictatorland The Men Who Stole Africa by Paul Kenyon Book Analysis

Introduction (1 page): The introduction is the most important part of any well-written paper. It is meant to capture the attention of the reader as well as lay out your arguments. It should not be generic, and it should be free from language such as “in this paper I will discuss.” Make it interesting. Be creative. Follow your introduction with a brief summary of the main points and circumstances involved with the issue. Make sure to include the domestic, regional and international actors, response, etc. The summary must be succinct, concise and clear. This section will be the most difficult portion of the assignment since you must summarize a great deal of information in no more than half of a page.

Some things to keep in mind: what are your initial impressions of the book? What are your thoughts on the first chapter? 

Reflection (3 pages): Your analysis/reflection includes two components.

  • The first component includes an the application of concepts. How are concepts such as political power, anarchy, sovereignty, collective good problems, deterrence, etc. addressed in the book? You must analyze/highlight at least THREE international relations concepts from our textbook. How do these concepts help you understand international politics?  
  • The second component involves your pondering where you think the issue is headed in regard to domestic/regional/international response. Which international relations theory (e.g. classical realism, constructivism, Marxism, neoliberalism, etc.) best reflects the theoretical lens applied by the author? Illustrate your argument by referencing and analyzing a specific passage of the book. 
  • Overall, I will be looking for creative, insightful and thoughtful responses that balance opinion and analysis.

Conclusion (1/2 to 1 page): What is the book’s main contribution to our understanding of international relations? Select a favorite quote or two and analyze them. How do these quotes illustrate or capture the main thesis of the book?


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