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INTA 312 Refugee World Regions and Homelessness Research Paper

Step 1: Research on Four Major Refugee Regions

Research the following four regions where refugee emigration is currently prevalent. What issues or commonalities or differences can you find among these regions? Do any of these regions have specific qualities or issues unique to the refugees coming from the region? What reasons are causing refugees to flee from these areas?

The list of four regions below is just a representative sample of countries.

  1. Middle East (Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, etc.)
  2. Asia/Southeast Asia (Bhutan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, Malaysia, Pakistan, India)
  3. Africa (Algeria, Libya, Somalia, Mali, Sudan, Congo, Ethiopia, and Kenya)
  4. Central America/Caribbean Islands (Columbia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico)

Research each of these regions and create a list of notes for your answers to the questions above for each region. Include a list of MLA-formatted citations for your research. Review the MLA Guidelines. Summarize in 1-2 pages of 11 x 17 and support with visuals.

Step 2: Refugee Essay and Sketches (Country Specific)

Check the designated list prepared by the faculty for your individual research. See link on Refugees and Homelessness. The continuing research of the assigned country will support the creation of a culture-specific refugee shelter. Research briefly your selected country or region’s history, traditions, beliefs, poverty levels, economic and social challenges, and vernacular architecture. Do not design the shelter yet! You are just researching the issues so that your later design can be sensitive to this specific culture.

Based on your research, write an 500-word essay discussing your observations on how a particular country’s culture, architecture, or location has impacted the design of residential dwellings in that region. Along with your essay, include at least four manual/traditional sketches illustrating cultural and architectural elements from your selected country. Summarize in 1-2 pages of 11 x 17 and support with relevant visuals. Add your sources to the earlier list of MLA-formatted citations to complete your research.

Step 3: State of Homelessness Essay and Case Studies.

Similarly, check the designated list prepared by the faculty for your individual homelessness research. Research briefly your state’s poverty level, economic and social challenges, and concerns on homelessness. Look for 2 successful case studies supported by visuals. Pay attention to the established designs that address homelessness in your assigned state; not from other cities.

Discuss each case study briefly on how relevant, functional or meaningful these ideas are. Include visuals and links that support your homelessness problems particular about this state. Annotate value-added design solutions, materials and unique features. Add the list of MLA-formatted citations to the list of Steps 1 and 2.

Note: Follow only the given format. Deviation can only be in the size of images/sketches and application of skills applied.

Check details from Weekly Overview:

Research: All research activities will mainly use Ai Online Library Resources, and minimal use of reputable websites. Works (text and images will only use proper MLA citation. Every research submission will be qualified on research analysis and synthesis, and pragmatic application to design. Follow given format shown under Course Information.…


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