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Interoffice Memorandum


Corporate Volunteer Program

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do NOT copy/paste the task descriptions below in your messages. While the contents of your memo should be based on the descriptions, you must use your own words and structure.  

Task 1: 

You are the CEO of Illini Corp, a start-up digital marketing company with around 100 employees and 5 departments. 

After doing substantial research into employee community engagement and volunteering programs, you decided that it would be beneficial for your company to start a similar program. The employees of Illini Corp. will receive one (optional) paid day off per year to volunteer for a charity of their choice.

Write a memo to all employees announcing the new initiative and explaining its benefits for both employees and the company.

You may use some ideas from the provided source(s)  to guide your memo content. You may also use your own ideas for details.

Task 2: 

You are the head of the Customer Relations department at Illini Corp. 

The CEO of the company just informed you of a new volunteering initiative in which employees will have an option to get one paid day off every year to volunteer for a charity of their choice. 

Write an email to the CEO asking to increase the number of paid days off from one to eight per year for the following reasons:

Employees will likely need to attend training sessions before they can start volunteering for their charities.

Increasing the number of volunteering days would help make this a more regular, sustainable practice which will allow the company to get full benefits from this program.

You may use some ideas from the provided source(s) to guide your email content. You may also use your own ideas for details.

Potential Source(s):

Gay, W. (2016, November 3). 4 reasons why a corporate volunteer program is a smart investment. Forbes.…


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