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IRS Business Classification and Federal and State Laws Case Study

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You are a physician starting a new medical practice. You have hired a healthcare consultant to guide you through this journey, but the final decision of how you will structure the business is yours. You have one other physician that will be joining you in your group, but they will be an employed physician.  You have hired two medical assistants, radiology technologists, and an office supervisor as start-up personnel. In addition to your new medical clinic, you are building a new ambulatory surgery center as well.

Answer each of the following case questions briefly (4-5 sentences each) to develop a picture of your practice structure, operations, and compliance.

  1. Based on the IRS business classifications, what business structure will you choose and why?
  2. Contract law applies to your medical practice in relation to its employees, including physicians.  Explain how and why it applies and what you need to do regarding your staff.
  3. There are numerous laws and regulations cited in your textbook that affect your new medical practice and you as a physician.  Choose 2 federal and 2 state laws pertaining to your start-up medical practice and explain why they are important.
  4. You have purchased an x-ray machine and will be providing plain film x-rays to your patients.  How may you provide this designated health service without violating the Stark II law?
  5. You perform outpatient procedures, which is why you are building your own ambulatory surgery center (ASC).  You will allow other providers outside of your practice to use your ASC to get a better return on your investment (ROI).  Are you able to own an ASC and be in compliance with self-referral laws? Explain.
  6. You are in need of malpractice insurances for your employed physician and you.  What type of insurance will you purchase?  Provide empirical evidence and reasoning for your choice of insurance.


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