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ISM 670 Ashford University Week 2 Walmart Research Paper


Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 1 and 2 in the Eiras and Scott (2010) Practical CIO: A Common Sense Guide for Successful IT Leadership e-book and the Karabell (2015) ‘If You Don’t Have a Strategy, You Don’t Need a CIO’: Ferrovial’s Federico Florez (Links to an external site.) article. You will need to research one additional scholarly resource in the University of Arizona Global Campus Library to support your work in this assignment.

You will be including revised content from this assignment in your Integrative IT Strategic Plan final assignment. You may wish to review the instructions included for the Integrative IT Strategic Plan in Week Six prior to completing work on this assignment to see how it fits into the overall final assignment.

In this assignment you will provide a solid foundation for determining the needs of the future state of your organization and will include current management and motivational strategies for the challenge you identified in Week 1.

Provide an analysis of the current state of the organization integrating appropriate theories, principles, and skills in information technology.

Describe current challenges and any significant issues that impact IT operations in your analysis.

Create an assessment of the major components of the current infrastructure.

Develop high-level diagrams of the organization’s IT structure including major infrastructure elements that apply to the challenge and all diagrams of the reporting structure(s) in IT.

Develop an assessment of the current personnel resource levels.

Provide an analysis of the personnel resources compared to the work levels.

  • Include an evaluation of the current competencies and skills, especially in areas potentially affected by the challenge.

Identify any deficiencies in the skills required for current operations.

  • Summarize an overview of the resources required for current IT projects that may be related to the challenge.
  • Provide an assessment of any macro organizational issues for their impact on the IT organization or operations.

The Current State paper

  • Must be a minimum of three to four double-spaced pages [900-1,200 words] in length (not including title and references or diagrams) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA Style (Links to an external site.) resource.
  • Must include diagrams of the organization’s IT structure, including major infrastructure elements that apply to the challenge, and all diagrams of the reporting structure(s) in IT.


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