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ISOL 532 University of the Cumberlands Telecommunications Network Security Paper

The Task

You and your group will research an advanced telecommunications and network security topic. For this paper, you can pick your own research topic as long as it relates to the objectives of this course. When you decide your topic, you need to obtain my approval.

Your task is to write a report summarizing your research (about 6-10 pages). The writing should be original. Before you begin writing your report, you need to read as many references related to the subject as you can. Basically, you would feel a bit insecure writing about a topic until you have digested and completely understood several references.

You will have a table of contents for the paper with sections as shown in the suggestions below::

  • Abstract section summarizing your research
  • Introduction section: this section provides an overview or background of the topic and its purpose, including
    • Define the subject area, and why is this subject important?
  • Body of work sections:
    • What are the key issues (pros/cons, if appropriate)?
    • Identify benefits, obstacles, innovations as appropriate
    • Methodology: key ideas, summaries, measures, analytical discussions, etc.
  • Conclusion section: analyze and summarize your findings, state your opinions, conclusions, recommendations. It is common for such a paper to suggest new ideas, critique some of the existing ideas, and propose some new directions.
  • References section: Sources and references need to be cited properly using APA format. Around 10 or more references are appropriate, some of which must be scholarly peer- reviewed articles


Team presentations begin at 9:00 am on Sunday of your residency session. You need to prepare PowerPoint slides for about 15 minutes presentation time per team


Groups will be graded primarily on their clarity and the extent to which they bring out the critical issues related to the topic. Content, clarity, depth, and paper format will be considered.


Citations must be real. Not merely mention the citations for their purpose. Professor will actually check the citations. Work in the paper must actually reflect the one in the citations. You can choose your own topic, which is emerging. Please let us know the topic as soon as you decide. We have to inform professor. Due by 5.00 PM EST. Citations must be no older than 7 years.


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