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IT 700 Southern New Hampshire University Information Technology Project Proposal Draft

Submit the first draft of your IT project proposal after you have completed Sections 1 and 2 of the deliverable.
Questions to consider when deciding on a capstone project:

  • If your project solution is implementable and testable, will you be able to provide the results of the testing and share whether or not your project met your vision?
  • If your project solution is not immediately implementable and testable, how could you develop a plan for implementation and testing?
  • Could you provide a detailed timeline for development of the project?
  • Could you identify the challenges you anticipate and how might you address them?
  • What criteria would you use to determine that the project is successful?
  • Is your project scope appropriate to be completed within the course time frame?

Your draft should address the following sections:

  • Section 1: Problem Statement
  • Section 2: Overview of Solution

Intro to Module 1

“As the final step in your journey, you will complete a capstone project that integrates the knowledge and skills you have developed in previous coursework and over the duration of the term by working to solve an information technology problem. To do this, you will develop a project proposal that identifies the problem you plan to solve. You will then design your solution and report on the implementation of your solution. You will also reflect on your project and your journey through the Information Technology (IT) program as well as how you plan to position yourself professionally. This module provides an opportunity for you to discuss potential capstone projects and get feedback on their ideas. You need to focus on innovative solutions and are encouraged to select a project that has the potential of solving a social problem. You should select a project in the discipline of IT that you are most interested in: information security, networking, software design and development, database design, web application development, etc. You should set realistic expectations for their project, taking into account your own proficiency with the area of information technology that will be the focus of your project and the time frame of the course.” 


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