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ITCC Beauty and The Beholder & Aesthetic Experiences Summary

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First, select one of the two articles. Then analyze and evaluate that article, responding to the following questions. As you answer these questions, remember that arguing to inquire means probing, questioning, and challenging the research, its results, and its conclusions in order to come to a more thorough understanding of the topic and to come closer to the truth. Do not simply agree with the author(s); look for points of contention or disagreement you have with the author, based on the questions below. As you answer, be sure to paraphrase (and cite) details and examples from the article to support your answer.

  • Summarize the research topic the author(s) inquires into. What issue or problem are they investigating? Also, identify the research question the  author(s) attempts to answer.
  • Summarize the results and analysis that are crucial to answering the research question. Also, summarize the answer the author(s) gives to this question based on the results and analysis.
  • What new ideas, information, and/or outcomes does this research appear to contribute to the understanding of this research topic? As you answer this question, consider both what the author(s) says about this and your own conclusions about what this research may add to the scholarly conversation.
  • What do you think of the conclusions made by the author(s)? How accurate do you think the results and/or analysis are? What information provided in the article leads you to conclude this? How thorough and accurate do you think the answer to the research questions is? Based on the results provided, can you think of other possible answers or conclusions one could make?
  • Examine the primary research conducted. What do you think it overlooks or fails to consider? Do you think the author(s) should have taken a different approach to conducting the primary research (such as a different primary research method, different questions, or even a different or more varied human population to study)? Why? What do you think could have been done to obtain better results from primary research with which to answer the research question?


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