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IUB Health Challenges of Pregnant Women in Jail Article Critique Journal

Article: “Confined to Obscurity: Health Challenges of Pregnant Women in Jail”

Journal Article Critique—100 Points (Due July 18) –4-5 Pages Step 1: Identify a Research Article. Go to the Library website. Go to the database: Social Work Abstracts. Search any research topic that interests you and browse. SCHOLARLY research article(not a review, literature review, meta-analysis, opinion, summary, theoretical piece, or historical article) published within the past 5 years and print it out. Exceptions to the 5-year rule require approval of the instructor

.Step 2: Write a Summary of the Article. In 1 page, summarize the main or important parts of the article, including major methodologies and research findings.

Step 3: Write a Critique of the Article in 3-4 pages. Please note you are critiquing the articles’ research methodology, not its content nor the issue area it is describing. Include the following in your critique:1. What is the significant research question(s) examined in the article? (Social Science SLO 1) 2. What type of research or combination of types (e.g., descriptive, exploratory, explanatory or evaluation) are used by the author(s) 3. Is a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methodology utilized? 4. What are the strengths and limitations of the research methods? Particularly consider the multifaceted character of society and how inclusion of different perspectives can influence one’s world view. (Social Science SLO 3a) 5. How does this article use research evidence to examine the diverse, complex and interdependent nature of people in the world? (Social Science SLO 2) 6. How do the research findings inform social work practice?

Step 4: Put It All Together With the summary and critique, your submission should be 4-5 pages in total. See the rubric below for grading criteria. Be sure to proofread for clarity and accuracy. Don’t forget to also submit a copy of the front page of the article (with the abstract) and list it on a Works Cited page in APA format.


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