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Jackson State University Climate Change Risks and Mitigations Paper

  1. Please compose your responses to the questions below and submit them in a single Word document   Each answer should be at least 300 words unless otherwise stated.
    1. What is the meaning of the term “Anthropogenic Climate Change”?
    2. The document labeled SRREN discusses renewable energy sources. Why are “renewables” so important in discussions of climate science, especially when it comes to mitigations?
    3. There are several principles of Physics that are involved with the question of sea level rise. The two most important of these are the melting of the Antarctic ice cap and the thermal expansion of the oceans. Why is the melting of the Arctic less important for direct sea level rise? How is the melting of the Arctic a “positive” feedback mechanism? Why is it difficult to predict that exact amount of sea level rise and the timing of it?
    4. What are the main consequences of climate change that will specifically affect Northern Ohio?  There is important information regarding this question in the 4th Climate Assessment.
    5. There is a certain amount of material in these documents about risk assessment.  That seems to be one of the main issues when considering the problem of consequences and mitigations.  While it is a consensus position that climate change is occurring and that it is anthropomorphic, some actual long-term consequences are not specifically known.  We have a range of possibilities for what could occur.  Write at least 500 words on how risk assessment should take into account the uncertainty of specific consequences.  When answering this question, think of a particular region and a kind of occurence that might be expected (like a specific climate event such as, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, droughts, floods). 
    6. Greta Thunberg is a Swedish teenager who has become the face of the modern movement to fight climate change.  Write about what you think of her ideas about what is needed to combat the real problems that the world faces in the upcoming decades.  Include information about why individual activism is or is not important in an attempt to mitigate the changes that are coming.


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