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Jackson State University Using Data to Plan Instruction Discussion

This is the second of 5 papers. I have attached the first paper titled Revised Context and Support Learning Form. I got a perfect score..using that and the current paper I wrote titled “data” I want to rewrite the second paper that effectively translates the data. Some of the information can be made up, as long as 6 students are reflected as written about in the paper.

As educators, we know that each child learns differently and begins the development of planning with data new concepts at different points, based on prior learning. Your task is to identify each child’s strengths and areas for growth through the use of data. The data may be summative, such as a comprehensive assessment, a state assessment, a lab report, a project, or may be formative, such as an independent reading record, observations, or a short quiz given to inform instruction.

Before you begin the assignment, you need to think about the following:

What do I already know about each student’s strengths and areas for growth?

Are there some students for whom I need additional data/information to better understand their needs?

Are there other staff members on campus who might have additional insights?

For the assignment, you will select a previously given assessment from the types listed above, and use the data from the assessment to determine next steps for instruction for each student.

As you look at the data and develop your assignment, you will want to address questions such as:

Given this data point, which students “got it,” which students “kind of got it,” and which students “didn’t get it at all?”

Would all students falling into these categories benefit from the same intervention or do they have different needs/skill sets/gaps that would require different interventions?

What research-based strategies would be best for each group or individual student?

You will create and submit a multi-page .pdf document (minimum 3 pages) that includes the following:

-the targeted TEK(S) (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) identified,

-a description (include the actual assessment if you feel it would add clarification) of the assigned task,-

-the method used for collecting and scoring the data,

-a descriptive analysis of the data for all students in the focus class, and,

next steps for instruction using research-based strategies.

You will want to be specific and clear of the next steps addressing each student either individually or in small groups based on the data analysis. Think carefully about the needs of all students identified as Special Education, 504, Gifted and Talented, English learner, etc.


You will submit the assignment as one .pdf. The notes below relate to those areas that students have missed when submitting and these areas have caused the student to have to revise and resubmit their assignment.

Review the rubric link below before beginning; this is to help you understand how the assignment will be scored. Here is a sample assignment download turned in by an intern. Review this assignment to see what is expected. We have identified the areas we scored on the assignment to help you understand how we apply the rubric. We expect that your data will look different, you will have different plans and strategies, but that you recognize the discrepancies in student learning, have disaggregated the data to inform your next steps, have selected research-based strategies to address student needs, and have provided a well-written analysis that informs your instructor of your knowledge.

Read the rubric to identify the areas you will be scored. You will not pass unless you provide specific data (not just general identification of ‘several’ students or ‘three students’, etc). You must identify the data using a table, identifying students by number, such as Student 1, Student 2, Student 3, etc. You must analyze the data and group students based on that data. Explain in the narrative why you selected those students for each group. Then, you must identify strategies to use to address differences, AND quote the research you use when selecting those strategies.


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