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Jaipur National University Copyright Case Study Paper

PART 1 :  Assignment

Techdirt Sued for Defamation Case Study.

Answer the three Critical Thinking Questions for the Techdirt Case Study.(300 words for each question)

Critical Thinking Questions  

1. Visit the Techdirt blog site at and read several of its postings over a period of a few weeks. Do you think that Techdirt is an important independent media resource worth protecting or should it be subject to strong scrutiny and pressure to shut down? Explain your answer. 

2. Visit the Inventor of Email’s website at View the video there and read several of the postings found there. Do you think that Ayyadurai presents a strong and convincing argument that he invented email? Why or why not? 

3. What measures might Masnick take to defend himself and his organization in this defamation lawsuit? What measures might Ayyadurai and his attorney take to strengthen his case against Masnick? Is demanding that social media sites take down posts supporting Masnick a winning strategy? Why or why not?

PART 2 :; Assignment Content
Final Project Proposal:

Access the Geeks for Geeks website(….). There are 8 ethical issues faced by Information Technology that are described. Choose one of the issues and write your final paper on that ethical issue.

This proposal should be an outline of your paper. Samples of outlines can be found here (….) Only write outlines describing what you are going to write about. Do not write paragraphs but make sure it is in outline form. Content for the paper should have the following at a minimum:

1. Introduction to the topic
2. A description of the issues related to your topic
3. How the issues have caused harm
4. What are the ethical components involved in the issue
5. How to resolve the issue
6. A conclusion summarizing what you wrote


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