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Jilin Chemical Plant Explosions Discussion


I have three paraphrasing parts please take a deep look at them

it needs to be perfectly done USING ACADEMIC WORDS

Please write ( paraphrase ) each paragraph seperateley

First one


The plan-do-check-act methodology is an interactive four-step management method used by companies and initiations to ensure the improvement of processes and products. This method based on four steps. The plan is the first step, which aims to determine the objectives and the required processes. Do is the second step. which seeks to implement the process. Check is the third step which is based on following and monitoring the process and check the result and make reports. Act is the final step, which aims to take actions to solve the weaknesses to improve upon them.


The skincare and cosmetics companies follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act. They identify the issues that could happen using the products. Then, they follow the safety measurements in producing the products. After that, the products must be tested to check whether it’s safe to use or not. Finally, if the product is safe they can sell it in the shops with safety warnings.

Second one:

Topic: Jilin Chemical Plant Explosions

Description: It happened on November 13, 2005, in a Petrochemical plant in Jilin City, Jilin Province, China. It contains of series of explosions in just an hour. The cause of these blasts was due to a blockage in one of the nitration towers at the benzene production branch that was not handled properly.

Environmental Aspects: After one day of the explosion, the river water was mixed with the water and foam that contains the chemicals through the sewage system. The river still has a high concentration of chemicals.

Environmental Impact: The impact of the blasts affect both people and the environment. It was so powerful that it shattered windows at least 100 to 200 meters. Also, the amount of chemicals mixed with water was high and the water plant in Jilin City was shut down. In addition, after one month of the explosions, the toxic slick made its way into Russia affecting its city of Khabarovsk. On the other hand, 70 people were affected and injured, where 6 were killed. The pollution of Nitrobenzene causes anemia and jaundice.

The third will be uploaded as pdf file


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